Steps to an industry-developed template food control plan

Industry-developed templates (also called section 40/s40 templates) are created by other organisations, and approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Follow our step-by-step process to use an industry template.

Industry-developed template Food Control Plans

There are a number of templates that have been created by other organisations, and approved by MPI – these are called industry-developed (or section 40/s40) templates.

You'll need to get in touch with the relevant organisation if you want to use their template. Often these are only available to the organisation's members.

Information on creating your own industry-developed template is on another web page:

Follow the steps

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Step 1: Get a template

Contact the relevant organisation.

Organisations that have developed FCPs include:

Contact the organisation directly to ask if they'll let you have a copy of their template FCP. They will be able to advise you of any conditions for it and provide supporting material.

Step 2: Register your plan
Register with MPI.

All businesses using industry-developed templates need to register with MPI.

Before you register, contact a verifier

You need to contact a verifier before your register, and get them to confirm that they will verify your business. The organisation providing the template will be able to advise you what recognition verifiers must have for their template.

Next steps:

  • Contact the verifier to check if they can do your verification within your timeframe and ask how much they will charge.
  • It's a good idea to ask for quotes from more than one verifier.
  • When you have chosen who you want, ask them for a letter to confirm they will verify you.
  • Include the letter with your application to get registered.

When you have confirmed a verifier, you can complete your registration with MPI.

Help to find a verifier

If you are unable to find a verifier from the map or lists, or the price quotes seem unreasonable, email

Complete your registration

To register your business with MPI you will need:

  • a letter from a verifier or auditor to say that they will verify you
  • a completed 'scope of operations' form, or scope description, the provider will be able to give you the appropriate form for their template
  • a completed registration form
  • address details for all the places where you make or sell food, including site plans for every address you operate from
  • a copy of the Companies Act registration certificates for any parts of your business that are limited liability companies
  • any additional documents specific to the template you are using (such as proof of association membership)
  • completed industry-developed (s40) registration form [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Send your completed forms and application to:

  • or post to:
    Food Act registrations
    Ministry for Primary Industries
    PO Box 2526
    Wellington 6140
    New Zealand.
Step 3: Get checked

A verifier must check you're making safe food.

What is verification?

Verifiers are professionals who will visit your business to check you are selling safe and suitable food. The verifier will check you are following your Food Control Plan effectively and keeping all the records you need. They will give feedback on areas that need improvement.

When to get verified

Your first verification happens after you are registered.

If you are a new business, you must arrange for your verifier to visit within 6 weeks of becoming registered. If you are an existing business, your verifier must visit within a year of your registration.

Apply to extend your verification timeframe

In some circumstances, new businesses can apply to extend the date when their verification is due.

You can apply if:

  • you haven't already started trading by the due date for verification.
  • something major or unplanned happens that means you or your business aren't able to be verified.

You need to email or write to MPI 2 weeks before verification is due.

The verification date may be extended by up to 6 weeks. We must either grant or decline your request at least 5 working days before verification is due.

Frequency of visits

How often you are checked will depend on how successfully you are managing food safety. This could be as little as once every 18 months, if you are managing food safety well. It could be as often as every 3 months if you are not doing well. You must pay for each visit, so the better your food safety systems, the less it will cost you.

How much will verification cost?

Councils and independent verifiers set their own fees.

Check this guide to find out more about verifications and likely costs [PDF, 253 KB]

Step 4: Ongoing use of your plan

Keeping your plan current.

Once you have a plan in place and have registered, you must:

  • follow your plan to make safe food, and keep any records required
  • renew your registration with MPI every year
  • contact MPI if your business changes ownership or shuts down
  • update your plan if you make any changes to what you do or if the industry template is updated

Who to contact

If you have questions about food control plans, email

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