Create an industry-developed template food control plan

How to develop your own template Food Control Plan (FCP) for use by multiple businesses, for example for an industry association or franchise. 

What is an industry-developed template FCP?

Organisations, such as an industry body, a restaurant chain, or a franchise, can create their own template food control plans (FCPs) to meet the needs of a particular group of food businesses. The template belongs to the organisation or person who created it, so they control who can use it.

If you develop your own template, you'll need to apply to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to get it approved. Before we can approve it, we'll evaluate your template and consult on it with the public.

Industry-developed template FCPs are also called section 40/s40 templates. 

If you're looking for information on using an existing industry-developed template, check our:

Steps to creating an industry-developed template FCP

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Step 1: Develop your plan

Create a template FCP to suit your business.

Your template needs to meet the requirements of the Food Act 2014. Beyond that, how you develop it, its content, and its style can be unique to your organisation.

If you're starting from scratch, you may want to use our existing guidance or templates as a starting point.

If you already have a set of recognised standards that you or your group use, you just need to make sure they cover everything needed in an FCP.

Keep in mind:

  • an FCP should identify, reduce, and manage risks that may make food unsafe to eat. The application form (refer to step 2) covers the important parts of a plan that you'll need to do this.
  • once a business registers against an FCP, it becomes a compulsory document they must follow. When writing your plan, consider the people that will use it (such as in a kitchen or a factory). What would make it easier for them to follow all the rules while keeping food safe?
Step 2: Apply for evaluation

Apply to get your template evaluated and approved by MPI.

Download and complete the application form. 

Industry-developed template FCP application form [PDF, 613 KB] 

Send the completed form with your template to MPI.


Or post to:

Approvals Operations Group
Ministry for Primary Industries
PO Box 2526
Wellington 6140
New Zealand. 

We'll review your template to make sure all the necessary parts are included, and estimate the cost for full evaluation. You should get this in about 10 working days. You'll then have 5 working days to let us know if you agree to go ahead with evaluation.

Getting your evaluation results

After about 20 working days, MPI will let you know the outcome, including any recommendations.

If your FCP template doesn't pass the evaluation, you'll be able to make changes and resubmit it.

What we charge

Assessment fees and invoicing details are in the application form.

Step 3: Consultation and approval

MPI consults on your template before approval.

If we evaluate your template as fit for purpose, we'll then start a public consultation about it.

We'll send any consultation documents to you first, so you can make sure they don't contain any information that shouldn't be made available to the general public. We won't publicly release your template.

Following consultation, we'll review all responses. We'll let you know if any substantial changes are needed. Amendments are managed on a case-by-case basis.

We'll then submit your template for formal MPI approval.

If your template is approved, it will generally be for 3 years. After this, you can apply to have it renewed.

How long approval takes

For a straightforward template, the approval process may take up to 3 months from your initial application. This allows time for us to evaluate the plan effectively, and consult with affected parties.

Using an industry-developed template FCP

Once we've approved an industry-developed template FCP, businesses can use it by registering with MPI.

Who to contact

If you have questions about food control plans, email


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