Get your RMP evaluated

Check if your risk management programme (RMP) needs to be evaluated, what's involved, and find an MPI-recognised evaluator.

Check if your RMP needs to be evaluated

When you apply to register your RMP, you may need to provide an independent evaluation report for it. 

Approved RMP templates and codes of practice (COPs) don't need an evaluation report (are exempt) if they are listed in the Notice of Exemption: Waiver of the Requirement to Provide a Copy of an Independent Evaluation Report. Check to see if the template you are using is listed – if it is, your RMP won't need evaluation.

If you change any sections of the RMP templates or COP by adding extra processes or activities, those processes and activities must be evaluated. If you write your own RMP, it will need to be evaluated.

Find an RMP evaluator

Choose an evaluator from the MPI Animal products – recognised persons list. Try to choose someone with experience in your type of operation. Some processes and activities (such as dairy heat treatment, and canning) require evaluators that are endorsed for the activity. 

You can't use the same person to develop and to evaluate your RMP as this would be a conflict of interest.

You are responsible for any costs associated with an evaluation.

What happens during an evaluation

The evaluator will check that the RMP:

  • covers your operations
  • meets regulatory requirements
  • will deliver animal product that is fit for its intended purpose.

They will review your documentation and, in most cases, review your operations or observe your work procedures on-site. 

You'll need to resolve any issues identified by the evaluator. The evaluator must be impartial and independent, so won't provide solutions to the issues .

Once the evaluator is satisfied, they'll prepare the evaluation report, which you need to include as part of your application to register your RMP with MPI.

Find out more

See the 'Evaluation' section of the RMP manual for more detailed information.

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