RMP configurations

RMPs may be configured in various ways:

  • You can register a separate RMP for each of your products, processes, premises or businesses.
  • You can register an RMP that covers a number of products, processes, or premises.
  • You can have a single RMP that covers multiple businesses.

Whatever arrangement you choose, you must ensure that an RMP covers every aspect of the operation that requires one.

See 'RMP configurations' in the 'Overview of RMP manual' section of the RMP manual:

Dairy and non-dairy under one RMP

An RMP can cover both dairy and other animal product processing. The RMP will need to meet the requirements for both dairy and other animal products. For some types of operations evaluators and verifiers have been recognised as competent to assess both dairy and other animal products. However, usually verifiers and evaluators are recognised for either one or the other, so they may not have the competencies to evaluate both. In this case you will need to use separate evaluators and verifiers for each component. This is likely to increase your costs.

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