Steps to a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP)

Use these steps to create and register your Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP), and get it verified. This process helps winemakers follow the Wine Act 2003 and make safe, fit-for-purpose wines.

Step 1: Apply a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) Code of Practice and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to your winery

MPI has developed WSMP Codes of Practice and HACCP guidelines in collaboration with industry to make this easy for you.

For grape wine makers

For fruit wine, cider and mead makers

If you follow an approved code of practice, you will be able to meet the requirements for winemaking under the Wine Act 2003. 

If you choose not to follow an approved code of practice, you will need to develop your own wine standards management plan, and you will then need to get your WSMP independently evaluated to ensure your procedures meet WSMP requirements.

Step 2: Choose and confirm your WSMP verifier

You need to confirm your chosen recognised agency and verifier when you submit your WSMP documents for registration. You do this by including a letter from the recognised agency to which your verifier belongs.

You do not need to get your WSMP verified before you register, but you do need to provide information about who your verifier is when you submit your application.

Step 3: Complete a WSMP outline and registration form

You need to complete and sign 2 forms:

Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) outline

This identifies the winemaking steps you undertake, whether or not you are following an approved code of practice, the WSMP contact person, and other legal requirements. This will be returned to you once your WSMP is registered with MPI.

Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) registration form WA4

Wine standards management plan (WSMP) registration form WA4 [PDF, 791 KB]

Step 4: Send us your WSMP documents

To register your WSMP, send (by email or the address on the form) the registration fee and the following 4 documents to MPI:

  • WSMP outline
  • WSMP registration form (WA4)
  • A site plan (the area and boundaries that the WSMP applies to)
  • A letter from your verifier's recognised agency confirming that they will verify your WSMP
  • If you choose not to follow an approved code of practice, you will also need to submit your own WSMP and the independent evaluation report.

Step 5: Receive Notice of WSMP registration

When your WSMP has been registered you will receive a Notice of registration from MPI.

Once your registration is confirmed, you may start making wine.

Step 6: Have your WSMP verified

You need to arrange for your first Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) verification within 6 months of registration or before any wine is exported using your WSMP registration number.

The date of your initial verification will become the anniversary date, with future verifications due during or before the end of that same calendar month each year.

If you are not making wine for export, you may qualify for reduced verification frequency, subject to your verifier's recommendation.

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