Information for regulators and verifiers

Information for local councils, third-party verifiers (previously called auditors), evaluators, and compliance officers involved with helping businesses meet their Food Act requirements.

Toolkit for regulators and verifiers

This section of the website is for the agencies and people New Zealand Food Safety works with to administer the Food Act 2014. It is divided into topics:

Guidance resources

Topic summaries

Registering food businesses

Information to help territorial authorities (TAs) perform their role as registration authorities. Includes suggested registration forms that TAs can use to register businesses under the Act, the scope of operations document, a Multiple Approvals Processing System (MAPS) user guide and a form to apply for access to MAPS.

Becoming a recognised agency or person

To become a recognised agency or person under the Food Act you need to be a recognised person or agency to verify or evaluate Food Control Plans (FCPs) and to verify businesses subject to FCPs and national programmes. Find out the skills you need, and what you need to do.

Working as a verifier

Find out how to perform your role as a Food Act verifier, whether you are an existing or new verifier. Check who verifies what under the Act, and what is expected of verifiers under the Act.

Working as an evaluator

The role of custom food control plan evaluator is contestable – that means any agency or person that has gained the appropriate recognition can evaluate custom food control plans.

Food safety officers

Details on how to become a food safety officer, the skills you'll need and what you need to do to do your job.

Food News

New Zealand Food Safety produces a regular newsletter called Food News for regulators and verifiers with information and developments about the Food Act.

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