Fast track recognition process

Find out about the changes to this scheme that applied from 30 November 2018 to February 2019.

No longer available

During the implementation of the Food Act, we had a fast track recognition process for experienced verifiers to move into National Programme verification under the Food Act 2014.

The fast-track recognition process allowed agencies and suitably qualified and experienced persons to become recognised on the understanding that they met a number of conditions, including being fully assessed by 28 February 2019.

From 30 November 2018, agencies or verifiers who want to verify National Programmes will no longer have the option available to register under the fast track recognition process.

However, if an agency or person does want to verify National Programmes, then they can gain recognition following the standard recognition process.

What to do if you have been recognised under the fast track process

If you are a territorial authority with verifiers who have been recognised under the fast track recognition process, then you will need to either:

  • have been successfully assessed before 28 February 2019 by one of the accreditation agencies on MPI’s behalf, or
  • provide MPI with a date when assessment has been scheduled, and ensure that this will be completed before 31 August 2019.

If you are an agency or person who has not been successfully assessed within the required timeframe then your recognition will expire.  If you wish to become recognised at a later stage, then you will have to apply again and go through the normal standard recognition process.

If you are a third party agency with verifiers recognised under the fast track recognition process, then verifiers will need to be assessed during the next available agency surveillance or full assessment.

What will happen and how much will it cost?

As soon as you and your agency have met all the requirements (that is, verifiers have been successfully witness-assessed and the agency’s QMS has been assessed), we will be able to close out some of your recognition conditions and renew your recognition for 3 years. There will be an administrative charge of $89.13 per agency and per person for this renewal. 


If you have any issues or concerns regarding the completion of the fast track recognition process, talk to your local government liaison person or email

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