Food Verifiers Academy

The Food Verifiers Academy is a free resource hub for verifiers and evaluators working under the Food Act 2014. Learn about the Academy and how to access it.

What is the Food Verifiers Academy?

Food Verifiers Academy Logo.

The Academy is a central point – a hub – for food verifiers and evaluators operating under the Food Act 2014.

It supports professional development, collaboration, sharing of expertise, and the building of a stronger professional network.

A range of practical tools available

The Academy gives verifiers and evaluators on-demand access to practical tools including:

  • podcasts
  • videos
  • case studies
  • common questions and forums
  • guidance on performance targets.

It's also useful for managers looking to recruit, manage performance, or provide learning and development for their verifiers.

Who it's for

The Academy is a resource for all food verifiers, evaluators, and their managers. Wherever they work.

What's in the Academy

The Academy will grow as verifiers, evaluators, and managers identify their needs, ask for resources, and contribute content.

These resources are available:

Case Studies Library – find real-life scenarios and suggested discussion points for each situation.



Directories – search for specific technical training providers, commonly-used terms, or acronyms.



Knowledge Hub – explore 2 knowledge 'pathways' – Professional Practice and Technical Practice. Each has FAQs and forums to post questions and share expertise.



Multimedia Resources – find videos, podcasts and on-demand webinar recordings on a range of topics.



Capability Framework – provides guidance on capabilities and standards of practice related to being a verifier. A useful resource for both verifiers and their managers.


How to access the academy

You can access the Academy through 'Tiritiri' – MPI's online learning management system.

If you're already registered with Tiritiri for the academy, log in and select the academy icon on the Tiritiri home page.

Registration form

If you haven't registered yet, complete this online form. After you submit the form, you'll get an activation email with instructions.


Access live events

When you've registered, we'll email you invitations to upcoming live events and webinars. Registration information will be provided for each event.

Get involved

We encourage you to make suggestions and contribute content. The Academy is a resource that will grow with you.

  • Learn from others.
  • Share your expertise.
  • Showcase what you know.
  • Help others access hard-to-find resources.
  • Make suggestions – tell us what you need – others will benefit.
  • Help mentor others.
  • Engage with the forums, present a webinar, help develop resources.

Who to contact

If you have suggestions, contributions or questions email


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