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This is a place for people who provide advice or support to folks wanting to start, grow, change or manage a new food business. If your clients need more information about the Food Act 2014 rules (including about starting a food business), you can forward or print the information collated here in easy-to-read and use formats.

If they are ready to get their food business started

If your clients are thinking of making or selling food there are key things they need to know before setting up their business.

Fact sheets for new food businesses

The notebook: comprehensive guidance for food businesses

The notebook is a comprehensive guide for new food businesses. From where to find out which food rules apply to them, to putting their food control plan or national programme together and finding a verifier. The notebook guides them through each step.

The notebook – for businesses making and selling food [PDF, 910 KB]

A web page

Video: steps to starting a food business (1:06)

[Video begins. During the video, the narrator speaks while shots of food being prepared in a commercial kitchen are shown.]

Narrator: "Starting a new food business is exciting. MPI have some steps for starting your business and making food in a safe and suitable way."

"Step 1: Rules

"There are certain rules you must follow depending on the food you make and sell. We have these rules to stop people getting sick or even dying.

"Step 2: Plan

"You then need to create a plan for how you will make food safely. Depending on the type of food you make, you will need to work under either a Food Control Plan or a National Programme.

"Step 3: Engage your expert

"Once you’re up and running, you will need to get checked. Find or choose your expert. You need to have confirmed who will check your business before you register.

"Step 4: Register

"Your food business needs to be registered before you start selling food. You will need to register with MPI or your local council.

"For more info visit our website."

[The following text appears of the screen: . The logo appears for: 'New Zealand Food Safety – Ministry for Primary Industries – Manatū Ahu Matua']

[Video ends]

[End of transcript]

If they want to import food

If your clients are looking to import food:

Thinking of starting to import food as a business? [PDF, 280 KB]

If they want to export food

If your clients want to export food:

Send food overseas as a business [PDF, 284 KB] 

Translated versions of 'Send food overseas as a business'

Hindi [PDF, 385 KB]

Simplified Chinese [PDF, 256 KB]

Growing or changing a food business

If your clients are looking to change or grow their business:

Change or grow your business [PDF, 177 KB]

If people want to make changes to their food business, that is operating under a Custom Food Control Plan (including a My Food Plan), visit

Change your custom FCP

In all cases, if people are planning on making changes to their business, they need to let their Registration Authority (New Zealand Food Safety or your local council) know, by email or phone.

Closing or selling a food business

If your clients are looking to close or sell their business:

Closing or selling your business [PDF, 176 KB] 

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