Food safety registers and lists

Find details of operators, businesses, and individuals that are registered, recognised, approved, or listed under laws administered by MPI.

This section includes some lists not associated with or endorsed by MPI. These are provided for your convenience.

Summary information for registered agricultural compound and veterinary medicine products.

All animal material depots listed with MPI.

Halal organisations approved in New Zealand.

Summary information for approved non-dairy maintenance compounds.

Organisations with a quota compliance programme for dairy products intended for export to designated markets.

Dairy testing methods approved by MPI.

People authorised to sign certificates for the issuing of official assurances for dairy exports.

People authorised to sign certificates for the issuing of official assurances for organic animal product exports.

Beekeepers who wish to supply honey to a risk management programme premises for export to countries for which official assurances are required.

Depot operators authorised to store bivalve molluscan shellfish for commercial purposes.

Operators authorised to harvest bivalve molluscan shellfish for commercial purposes.

Growing areas classified for harvest of bivalve molluscan shellfish for human consumption.

Sorting sheds authorised to sort bivalve molluscan shellfish for commercial purposes.

Transporters authorised to transport bivalve molluscan shellfish for commercial purposes.

Bivalve molluscan shellfish regulated control scheme list of certified samplers.

All certified suppliers of wild/game estate animals.

People who provide independent consultancy services for the Animal Products Act and Food Act regimes.

People who provide independent consultancy services for veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals. 

Recognised dairy evaluators and verifiers.

Recognised persons accredited to evaluate risk management programmes.

Winemakers exempted from the requirement to register a wine standards management plan. 

Premises approved for animal products intended for export.

All exporters registered to export animal products, including dairy.

All New Zealand fishing vessels (other than processing or freezer vessels) supplying European Union listed processing premises.

Companies and sole traders that are recognised under the Food Act 2014 to perform specialist functions and activities, including verification and evaluation.

Public register of food control plans and food businesses subject to a national programme. 

Public register of people importing food for the purpose of sale.

People who provide independent consultancy services for the Animal Products Act and Food Act regimes.

Food businesses operating food safety programmes registered before 1 March 2016 under the Food Act 1981.

All further (pet food) processors.

All game estates listed under the Animal Products Act 1999.

Hazards listed by food type.

People who undertake homekill or recreational catch services on behalf of animal owners or recreational hunters and fishers.

Lists of all imported live animals and the owners with responsibility for live animals. 

Industry associations that can help develop a risk management programme or food control plan.

Fishing vessels whose operation is restricted to washing, scaling, gutting, deheading, tubing, tailing, chilling, freezing, storage, packing, or transport of fish material or fish product for human consumption.

People listed as competent to provide data assessment reports for applications to register trade name products under the ACVM Act.

Manufacturers of veterinary medicines and vetebrate toxic agents approved under the ACVM Act.

Information on meeting maximum residue level (MRL) requirements for agricultural compounds in New Zealand.

Brands, inspection legends, seals, and other devices approved by MPI.

Novel technologies and alternative premises and equipment designs that do not meet the requirements of NZCP1 but have been assessed as to be suitable for use in farm dairies.

Approved samplers for the National Microbiological Database.

Certified trainers for the National Microbiological Database.

Details of New Zealand organic exporters.

Details of organics third party agencies.

Organisations recognised to evaluate dairy risk management programmes, heat treatments, and premises.

Organisations recognised to manage and supply functions and activities under the Wine Act 2003.

Laboratories recognised by MPI under the Wine Act 2003 for analysing export wines.

Laboratories approved to carry out tests associated with live animals, animal material, or animal products.

People recognised under the Wine Act to undertake verification activities.

Recognised verification agencies for all animal products, except dairy.

Transport service operators and vehicle docking facility operators registered by MPI.

Unique identification codes for manufacturing locations or premises within a risk management programme.

Unique identification codes for storage locations or premises within a risk management programme.

People assessed as competent to verify risk management programmes and/or premises operating under a regulated control scheme.

People authorised to issue dairy veterinary export certificates.

People authorised to issue fish export certificates (excluding live animals and genetic material).

People authorised to issue veterinary export certificates for live animals (excluding live animals certified as food) and germplasm.

People authorised to issue veterinary export certificates (excluding live animals, cats and dogs to Australia, genetic material, and seafood).

Unless covered by a registered risk management programme, wharf operators have to be registered under the Animal Products (Regulated Control Scheme – Handling of Animal Products and Animal Material at Wharves) Notice 2009.

Exporters registered under the Wine Act 2003 to export non-grape wine and wine not made in New Zealand.

Most winemakers must operate under a WSMP. Those that are exempt are listed separately.

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