Food safety registers and lists

Find details of operators, businesses, and individuals that are registered, recognised, approved, or listed under laws administered by MPI.

This section includes some lists not associated with or endorsed by MPI. These are provided for your convenience.

  • Beekeepers
    Beekeepers who wish to supply honey to a risk management programme premises for export to countries for which official assurances are required.
  • Exempt winemakers
    Winemakers exempted from the requirement to register a wine standards management plan. 
  • Fish names [PDF, 762 KB]
    Scientific, New Zealand common, Maori, and foreign common names of commercial fish species.
  • Food Act 2014 – Recognised agencies
    Companies and sole traders that are recognised under the Food Act 2014 to perform specialist functions and activities, including verification (auditing) and evaluation.
  • Game estates
    All game estates listed under the Animal Products Act 1999.
  • Industry associations
    Industry associations that can help develop a risk management programme (RMP) or food control plan (FCP).
  • Limited processing fishing vessels
    Fishing vessels whose operation is restricted to washing, scaling, gutting, deheading, tubing, tailing, chilling, freezing, storage, packing, or transport of fish material or fish product for human consumption.
  • Listed data assessors
    People listed as competent to provide data assessment reports for applications to register trade name products under the ACVM Act.
  • Verifiers – Animal products
    People assessed as competent to verify risk management programmes (RMPs) and/or premises operating under a regulated control scheme (RCS).
  • Wharf registrations
    Unless covered by a registered risk management programme, wharf operators have to be registered under the Animal Products (Regulated Control Scheme (RCS) – Handling of Animal Products and Animal Material at Wharves) Notice 2009.
  • Wine exporters
    Exporters registered under the Wine Act 2003 to export non-grape wine and wine not made in New Zealand.
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