International regulatory environment

Through collaborating with international regulatory authorities, MPI is building confidence towards international market acceptability of New Zealand’s health claims and working with countries that are developing health claim regulations.

International frameworks for health claims

By working together with international regulatory authorities to develop a mutual understanding of the international regulatory requirements of health claims, MPI is positioned to support the food industry and build international market acceptability of health claims.

MPI's Global Regulatory Environment of Health Claims on Foods provides an overview  of the various international regulatory frameworks relating to health claims. This includes Canada, Europe, Japan, the US, the Philippines, Indonesia, India and many more.

Most developed countries and some emerging economies have consumer protection laws to regulate health claims and ensure that health claims are supported by robust science. However, as health claims are not food safety matters, enforcement can often be weak. This has led to a wide range of health claims on the market, many without solid scientific basis. Emerging economies, like China, are reviewing their regulations on health claims on food products. Through developing procedures and science around substantiation of health claims, MPI is in a position to work with these countries as they develop health claim regulations.

In this environment, there is an opportunity for you to develop high-value food products by differentiating between substantiated and unsubstantiated health claims.

Building credibility in our system

MPI is conducting outreach work with a wide range of other global regulators regarding our health claims standard. This aims to build credibility in the robustness of New Zealand’s self-substantiated health claims system. Through developing cooperative agreements with international regulators, MPI is working towards equivalence and building confidence in our health claims system.

Ultimately, this can support acceptance of New Zealand value added export foods with substantiated health claims.

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