A forest strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand

Te Uru Rākau has been developing a Forest Strategy to guide New Zealand over the next 30 years and beyond. Find out about the work we've done on the strategy.

The vision for the Forest Strategy

Te Uru Rākau started the Forestry Strategy project to help realise the full value of trees and forests. The aim is to find new ways trees and forests can be used to build an environmentally sustainable, resilient, and prosperous society.

We’ll work with people across the forestry sector to develop an innovative, long-term strategy that:

  • supports industries and activities related to forestry
  • improves the social, environmental, and economic wellbeing of New Zealanders
  • reflects our long-term and broad aspirations for forests and trees
  • establishes a sector-wide course of action for achieving this.

The Forestry Strategy will also set out:

  • a common vision
  • a roadmap for getting there
  • a shared understanding of priorities
  • areas for action in the short, medium, and long term
  • roles and responsibilities
  • how participants can work better together.

How we've developed the strategy

We started work on the strategy in 2019. We’ve been talking to people including saw millers, farmers, foresters, scientists, conservationists, city dwellers, and people with an interest in the built environment.

We set up a Māori advisory group to guide our engagement. That group will make sure we consider and incorporate Māori perspectives.

In November 2019, we held workshops in Nelson, Rotorua, Whāngārei and Gisborne. We heard a wide range of views. People also suggested potential solutions to issues we can cover in the strategy.

Next steps

We had planned further engagement on the draft Forest Strategy in early 2020. But we've put this on hold because of COVID-19 (coronavirus). We're focusing on the impact the virus will have on the forestry sector. This will help inform what goes into the strategy, which has a clear directive to look at our long-term response to global issues such as climate change and the resilience of the sector when faced with such challenges.

To keep you informed, we'll post updates on this web page. Or you can email us at foreststrategy@mpi.govt.nz

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