Funding options to help community or catchment groups plant trees

Community or catchment groups may be able to access funding from a number of sources, including the One Billion Trees Fund, Community Environment Fund, Erosion Control Funding Programme (Gisborne), DOC, and non-governmental organisations.

23 December 2020 – Funding application update

We cannot accept any more One Billion Trees applications. The number of applications in progress will exceed the limit of the fund if approved.

If you have applied for funding, we will contact you to discuss your application by the end of January 2021.

Existing signed contracts will progress as scheduled.


One Billion Trees Programme

The One Billion Trees planting programme can help your catchment or community group plant trees in 2 ways:

Partnership Funding

Partnership Funding from the One Billion Trees Fund is available to communities for initiatives to support tree planting, improve how we grow and plant trees, or for catchment-scale native planting projects.

Matariki Tu Rākau fund – community funding for memorial tree planting

Access One Billion Trees funding to plant living memorials honouring the contribution of past and present members of the New Zealand Defence Force through Matariki Tu Rākau.

Community Environment Fund

The Ministry for the Environment's (MfE's) Community Environment Fund empowers New Zealanders to make a positive difference to the environment.

It does this by funding projects that:

  • strengthen environmental partnerships
  • raise environmental awareness
  • encourage participation in environmental initiatives in the community
  • Other funding sources

Community Environment Fund – MfE

Erosion control funding for Gisborne groups

Funding is available from MPI to help community groups, iwi, local organisations, and businesses with innovative ideas to help reduce erosion in the Gisborne region. Projects may involve a community, or be on a regional scale. They may also have other environmental, social and economic benefits for the region.

A guide to Erosion Control Funding Programme community projects [PDF, 3.4 MB]

Other funding sources

Department of Conservation

Trees That Count

Advice on regional funds

Some regions have additional funds you can access. Contact your regional council’s land management team for advice about other funds.

Find council contact information – Local Government New Zealand


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