Recreational fishing forums

Recreational fishing forums are groups of representatives from fishing clubs or organisations who meet with MPI staff to discuss fisheries management in their areas.

Forums help decide priorities

The forums are an opportunity for recreational fishers to present information on how fisheries are performing, identify priority issues and have a say on what MPI should focus on in the coming year. The forums align with MPI's annual fisheries planning process for inshore fisheries.

Meetings held 3 times a year

MPI staff meet with the recreational forums 3 times a year to discuss and get the perspective of recreational fishers on fisheries management. The forums are not a substitute for a statutory consultation. The general public still has the opportunity to comment on important decisions.

The four forums are organised into Fisheries Management Areas:

  • Fisheries Management Areas 1 and 9
  • Fisheries Management Areas 2 and 8
  • Fisheries Management Area 7
  • Fisheries Management Areas 3 and 5.

Fisheries Management Area groupings small image

Each forum has up to 14 members who:

  • are generally individuals with a mandate to speak on behalf of a club or recreational fishing organisation
  • are volunteers appointed by MPI
  • bring a wide perspective of recreational fisheries to the table.

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Who to contact

For further information on recreational forums, or to find out how you can become involved, email


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