Kaikōura earthquake support

Information about the Kaikōura earthquake of 14 November 2016, MPI's response, and resources for those affected.

Assistance and support available

MPI continues to work closely with rural communities and sector organisations around Kaikōura, Hurunui and Marlborough.

Download our latest flyer for rural people in the earthquake-affected area [PDF, 944 KB]

Primary Industries Earthquake Recovery Fund

 The funding from this recovery fund went toward:

  • community-led projects
  • advisory services funding for landowners and land managers.

This fund is now closed.

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1. Community-led projects
There are 8 community-led projects. They have been awarded $3.6 million to research future land use.

Funded over 3 years, these community-led projects are an important part of helping the regions’ producers to build on recovery. They cover sheep and beef, dairy, viticulture, seafood, and water resources.

The community groups will report progress throughout the projects. They’ll share what they find out and learn with the community they are representing. This means everyone will benefit from this recovery assistance.

The 8 projects

1: Farm Land & Business Recovery Programme - Marlborough 

Contact: Kelvin Whall

Phone: 027 231 2452 

2: Farm Land & Business Recovery Programme - Waiau/Kaikōura Contact: Kelvin Whall

Phone: 027 231 2452

3: Farm Land & Business Recovery Programme 

Contact: Kelvin Whall

Phone: 027 231 2452

4: Managing biosecurity risks on earthquake affected land

Contact: Annette Litherland

Phone: 027 724 4445

5: Kaikōura Plains Recovery project

Contact: Jodie Hoggard

Phone: 027 551 5902

6: Community-based Pāua Recovery Education

Contact: Jason Ruawai

Phone: 027 254 3374

7: Impact of Kaikōura earthquake on the water resources of the Flaxbourne and Waima catchments

Contact: John Patterson

Phone: 021 734 517

8: Enhancing resilience for Marlborough and North Canterbury wine industries: insights, evidence and engineering

Contact: Nick Cradock-Henry

Phone: 021 151 6421

2. Advisory services funding for landowners and land managers

Find out who can apply, how much they can receive, and what the services provide.

This funds approved advisory services for earthquake recovery in the Hurunui, Kaikōura and Marlborough regions. It is available to land owners and land managers.

How much funding can each landowner or land manager receive?

Each landowner or land manager can get up to $5,000 + GST.

What does the advisory service funding support?

It supports farmers, growers, and foresters with a longterm view to land use planning including:

  • farm infrastructure and business continuity
  • land management
  • future use of land
  • whole-farm systems management.

Who can apply for funded advisory services?

Advisory services are available to:

  • land owners and land managers who have property within the Hurunui, Kaikōura, and Marlborough boundaries that was affected by the November 2016 earthquake
  • land owners and land managers in the following industries: dairy, sheep, beef, deer, arable, horticulture, forestry, farm forestry, pigs, poultry, viticulture, and land-based aquaculture.

Kaikōura earthquake marine recovery package

Fisheries New Zealand commissioned a broad research programme to better understand the impacts and any early recovery of the marine environment after the devastating earthquakes. The $2 million Kaikōura earthquake marine recovery package funded research into the impact of the earthquakes on particular species and the ecology of the marine area.

The research has given us a good baseline to measure how the recovery is progressing and where we need to focus our attention in the future. Continued monitoring of the recovery progress will inform future marine management options for when and how the current closure of shellfish and seaweed fisheries may be lifted.

Kaikōura earthquake research results

An event was held in June 2018 for researchers to present their findings on the effects of the earthquake on the marine environment.

Research presentations

Presentations from the event are available to download.

Kaikōura earthquake and tectonic deformation of the Kaikōura coastline [PDF, 3.3 MB]
Kate Clark (GNS Science)

Mapping change – Kaikōura to Cape Campbell [PDF, 7.5 MB]
Adam Greenland (Land Information NZ) and Helen Neil (NIWA)

Rocky reef impacts from the Kaikōura earthquake [PDF, 6.2 MB]
David Schiel (Marine Ecology Research Group, University of Canterbury)

Gauging impacts on biogenic habitats and key invertebrates in the nearshore subtidal zone [PDF, 2.2 MB]
Robyn Dunmore (Cawthron Institute)

Estimating pāua biomass and monitoring populations affected by the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake [PDF, 4.9 MB]
Tom McCowan (Pāua Industry Council)

Status of blue cod off Kaikōura following the 2016 earthquake [PDF, 3 MB]
Mike Beentjes (NIWA)

CRA5 rock lobster emergency survey and post-earthquake survey research [PDF, 1.8 MB]
Larnce Wichman (CRAMAC 5)

Evaluating the impact of the Kaikōura earthquake on the population of Hutton's shearwater [PDF, 5.3 MB]
Lorna Deppe (Hutton's Shearwater Trust)

Hector's dolphin survey after the Kaikōura earthquake [PDF, 4.3 MB]
Jody Weir (Kaikōura Ocean Research Institute - KORI)

Kaikōura Canyon – submarine landslides, erosion, and deposition by turbidity currents, carbon transfer, and impacts on biological communities of the deep seafloor [PDF, 2.6 MB]
Ashley Rowden (NIWA)

Effects of the Kaikōura earthquake on sperm whales [PDF, 3 MB]
Marta Guerra (Otago University)

Other resources available

  • Contact your local Rural Support Trust on 0800 RURAL HELP for a free, private, and confidential chat. A Trust representative can come to see you and, if needed, point you in the right direction for further help.
  • If your circumstances have changed as a result of the earthquake, talk to your accountant, bank, and Work and Income to find out about other help that you may be eligible for.

Watch the video from the event on the MPI Kaikōura Facebook page

Kaikōura research presentation event – media release

Managing your financial and mental wellbeing [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Kaikōura earthquakes – support and assistance [PDF, 180 KB]

Support following Kaikoura earthquake – Work and Income

Find volunteer health and safety resources – Beef + Lamb NZ

Fisheries closures

Closures are in place for 3 areas affected by the earthquake. Detailed information is available on each area's fishing rules page:

Who to contact

If you have questions about Kaikōura earthquake support, email info@mpi.govt.nz

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