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MPI is working with beekeepers to improve productivity, support marketing and export opportunities, and control pests and diseases.

Advice to beekeepers – Spring 2016

Carefully inspect all beehives before moving them

With Spring honey flows and hive movement activity throughout the country, it's possible for beekeepers to unknowingly spread pests and diseases.

MPI encourages you as part of good beekeeping practice to regularly inspect your brood boxes for:

  • American foulbrood disease
  • any other signs of disease or pests.
Argentine ants

MPI strongly recommends that within the 24-hour period prior to hive movement, you inspect the hive bottom board or pallet, and under the hive lid, for Argentine ants.

It is critical that only those hives which are free of pests and diseases should be moved from their current locations. This will protect your hives from spreading pests and diseases to other areas and support your industry.

Find out more about Argentine ants on:


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