Food importers must have procedures in place to recall food

Sometimes things can go wrong, and you need to be prepared. Food importers must have procedures ready in case they need to recall a product. Find out what you need to do to prepare.

Your reponsibilities for food recalls

You need to:

  • have procedures in place to recall food
  • follow your procedures if you need to carry out a recall
  • notify the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) about a recall by phoning 0800 00 83 33 and asking to speak to the food compliance services team – this should be done as soon as practicable, within 24 hours of deciding to recall a product
  • recall any food that is (or may be) unsafe or unsuitable.

You must also keep records of any recall, including information on:

  • the problem and the extent of the problem
  • actions taken to identify and remove food from sale
  • actions taken to prevent the problem from happening again
  • how the recall process was monitored.

Develop a food recall plan

We have recall guidance material to help you develop a recall plan:

Develop your food recall plan

If you have to recall a product, you can follow our checklist:

Doing a food recall

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