Import health standards (IHSs) list pests associated with a specific commodity from all approved countries. The ePest database gives users a list of pests and associated phytosanitary measures specific to a commodity from a specific country.

How to use ePest

1/. Select a fresh fruit or vegetable commodity from the dropdown list.

2/. A second dropdown list will then appear, showing a list of approved countries. Choose the country where the fresh fruit or vegetable is coming from.

3/. Select [GO].

A list of pests and associated phytosanitary measure for the commodity and country you've chosen will be shown. The boxes expand to reveal more information.

Before using ePest, refer to the IHS for your commodity.

Import health standards for fresh fruits and vegetables

If you have any questions about importing fruit and vegetables or ePest, email plantimports@mpi.govt.nz

When a pest listed in the IHS is not shown here

Sometimes a pest might be listed in the commodity IHS but does not appear in ePest for the country you choose. This means that country has "country freedom" status for that pest. Country freedom status is given when MPI does an assessment and determines that a specific pest does not occur in that country.

Biosecurity Organisms Register for Imported Commodities (BORIC)

For some ePest results, you may need to refer to BORIC

The ePest database

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