Transshipment requirements for cargo and BMSB-risk countries

Sometimes, vehicles, machinery, and parts originate in a 'non-BMSB-risk country', but then get transshipped via a 'BMSB-risk country' on their way to New Zealand. Find out what you need to do if this applies to your cargo.


Sometimes, new and used vehicles, machinery and parts are manufactured in (or originate from) a 'non-BMSB-risk country', but then get transshipped via a 'BMSB-risk country' on their way to New Zealand. 'BMSB-risk countries' include countries listed in Schedule 3 of the IHS.

View a list of Schedule 3 countries

This transshipping process may expose the cargo to the risk of BMSB (brown marmorated stick bugs). Because of this, MPI has conditions you need to meet if you're transshipping via a BMSB-risk country during the BMSB-risk season (September to April of each year). The conditions relate to:

  • keeping treated cargo separate from untreated cargo or any other possible source of BMSB contamination
  • maximum time limits on how long cargo can stay in a BMSB-risk country port.

This page explains the conditions for transshipping cargo via BMSB-risk countries. It reflects the information that you can find in Section 4.7 of the Import Health Standard for Vehicles, Machinery, and Parts.

Transshipping through BMSB risk countries

Risk goods transshipped as break bulk (including unsealed containers) through a BMSB risk country are required to

  • be segregated from untreated cargo or other possible sources of BMSB contamination at all times in the BMSB-risk country; and 
  • remain at the port in a BMSB-risk country for no more than 120 hours before shipping.

If the above conditions cannot be met the cargo must meet the applicable BMSB measures of the IHS depending based on the commodity type of the cargo. MPI-approved treatment must happen no longer that 120 hours before the cargo is exported from the BMSB-risk country.

Risk goods transshipped in a fully-sealed container are required to remain in the unopen, sealed container during transshipment in the BMSB-risk country. There is no time transshipping time limit for fully sealed containers.

List of BMSB risk countries (Schedule 3 of the Vehicles, Machinery and Parts IHS – updated 22 July 2019)

Albania Japan
Andorra Kosovo
Armenia Liechtenstein
Austria Luxemburg
Azerbaijan Macedonia
Belgium Montenegro
Bosnia and Herzegovina Netherlands
Bulgaria Romania
Canada Russia
Croatia Serbia
Czech Slovakia
France Slovenia
Georgia Spain
Germany Switzerland
Greece Turkey
Hungary USA

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