Makeover for OVERSEER

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The owners of OVERSEER® are establishing a new not-for-profit company to manage, develop and license OVERSEER.

OVERSEER is jointly owned by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand (FANZ) and AgResearch Limited.

The Chief Executives of the owner organisations have committed to a business plan which will significantly enhance OVERSEER over the planned transition phase of three years and ensure a sustainable funding base.

Users will see improvements in customer services (including improving the help desk), as well as the model’s maintenance and development. A formal quality assurance programme will be established and critical maintenance and testing work on the model accelerated.

Funding for OVERSEER will increase substantially to at least $2.25 million per year over the transition phase.

OVERSEER has an important place in the success of agriculture in New Zealand. It is a world class decision support tool which assists farmers and their advisers to examine nutrient use and movements within a farm system to help optimise production and improve environmental outcomes.

All owners are committed to working together to see OVERSEER grow and improve.

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OVERSEER is a widely used strategic management tool that supports farmers and growers to improve performance and reduce losses to the environment through better use of nutrients on farm to support New Zealand agriculture.

OVERSEER is an online application which calculates nutrient inputs, transfers and outputs from individual farms based on information specific to that farm, producing a nutrient budget. This helps farmers and their consultants to examine farm-scale nutrient management options to optimise production and minimise losses of nutrients to the environment.
The use of OVERSEER in water quality management enables New Zealand to apply an effects–based approach to managing off-farm nutrient losses and as a result is stimulating innovation in the agricultural industry’s approach to improving nutrient management.

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