Hunting in restricted areas

A hunting area is restricted for commercial hunting by MPI if there is a high chance of contamination from poison residues. A restricted area is called a 'restricted procurement area'. Find out where the restricted procurement areas are and the precautions you need to take.

The Marlborough Sounds

The restricted procurement area notice for the Marlborough Sounds was issued in 2004. It applies only to wild pigs.

MPI strongly recommends testing recreationally caught pigs from this area. All wild pigs from this area accepted by a commercial processor must be tested before they can be sold.

Read the Notice for Procurement Control of Wild pigs caught in the Marlborough Sounds restricted procurement area [PDF, 210 KB]

Restricted procurement area location

The Marlborough Sounds restricted procurement area is within the Marlborough province (South Island). It covers about the area of land and sea north and east of the Bryant and Richmond Ranges, north of the Wairau River and the coastline between Cape Soucis and Rarangi (settlement). It includes all the islands of the Marlborough Sounds, except Stephens Island.

Health risks of hunting in restricted areas

Food caught while hunting recreationally is not regulated like commercial hunting, so there is no food safety testing for recreational catch. Nor is there a requirement for recreational hunters to hunt only in residue-free areas. However, recreational hunters should be aware of the potential health risks for everyone who consumes contaminated meat.

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