ACVM registration process

Find out how to apply and how MPI assesses your application to register an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine (ACVM).

Apply to register an ACVM

You can apply to register an ACVM trade name product (TNP), or to vary an existing registration.

Applications may be:

  • single – for example, an application for a new TNP, or
  • have multiple changes – for example, an application for change in shelf life, change to manufacturing process, and addition of a new active ingredient manufacturer.

The process to register an ACVM differs depending on your product type. Check these pages to find out about registering:

How we process your application

MPI's process for assessing your application and registering an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine (ACVM) includes the following steps.

What to expect after the decision

When we approve your application, we'll issue you the appropriate registration documentation. This includes: 

  • the certificate of registration, which contains a unique registration number, registration expiry date, and any conditions applied 
  • the approved PDS, which details all the relevant information about the product (such as its manufacturer, formulation, and use) 
  • the approved label content. 

Registrations are always conditional. If you don't comply with the conditions, MPI may prohibit importation, manufacture, and sale of the product. It's important that you read the list of conditions on the certificate of registration. That way, you'll be fully aware of your legal obligations.

Registration is normally for 5 years, after this you'll need to renew. 

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