Requirements for dairy maintenance and cleaning products

If you're processing dairy animal products and operating under the Animal Products Act regime, these requirements apply to you.


Detergents, sanitisers, and other compounds used in farm dairies to clean, sanitise, or maintain the milking plant must be approved by the Director-General of MPI. This is required under Regulation 24(1)(d) of the Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations 2005.

Under Regulation 30, the Director-General may also recognise the suitability for use of maintenance compounds, with or without conditions imposed.

If you're operating a risk management programme (RMP), you must also make sure all of the maintenance compounds you use are suitable for their intended use.

Maintenance compounds other than those used to maintain farm dairy milking plants do not have to be approved or recognised. However, if they are approved or recognised, acceptability by MPI will be clear and this will help dairy RMP operators, evaluators, and verifiers.

Approved and recognised compounds

MPI maintains a register with summary information for all approved and recognised dairy maintenance compounds. The register also shows any conditions that have been applied to a product to ensure they are used appropriately.

Approved dairy maintenance compound refers to products approved for use in farm dairies to clean, sanitise or maintain the milking plant (including the bulk milk tank).

Recognised dairy maintenance compound refers to products recognised as suitable for the identified purpose.

Getting an approval or recognition

Maintenance compounds used to clean, sanitise or otherwise maintain equipment and facilities are typically part of an integrated, documented programme. Individual products are considered on the basis of their use as per the label instruction within the context of an overall programme.

All of the information you need to get an approval or recognition is in the procedure document: 

Registers and lists

MPI's registers and lists are updated routinely. See all of the registers and lists: 

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