Animal material depots holding meat

Find out the requirements that animal material depots must meet to hold animal material before it's transferred to a processor.

What animal material depots do

Animal material depots are used to temporarily hold wild, game estate, or farmed-gone-feral animal material (such as carcasses) prior to transfer to a primary processor who will process it.

Animal material depot operators can't process any animal material, but they can:

  • hold
  • chill
  • refrigerate
  • apply protective coverings.

Meeting requirements

If your depot holds animal material intended for human consumption, the requirements you need to meet are set out in the Animal Products Notice: Specifications for Products Intended for Human Consumption. Part 12 is especially relevant.

Before you can operate an animal material depot, you must:

You'll need to apply to be relisted every 2 years.

Get verified

Verification must be done by an agency recognised by MPI. A verifier checks that your depot meets requirements.

Apply to be listed as an animal material depot

Use the AP19 form to apply to become an animal material depot or to renew your listing. You must send your initial verification report with your completed application. Fees for listing are on the form.

Verification requirements and frequency

Once listed, you must have regular verifications by a recognised agency. You can find details of how often you will be verified in a statement of policy. Check how regularly your animal material depot needs to be verified in Schedules 1 and 2.

Find a listed animal material depot

MPI keeps a list of all animal material depots.

Export requirements

There are additional requirements you need to meet if your depot holds animal carcasses that, after processing, will be exported.  

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