Making wine: Requirements (Wine Act 2003)

If you make or bottle wine, or supply grapes or other ingredients to New Zealand wine makers, these requirements are part of following the Wine Act 2003.

Wine Standards Management Plans (WSMPs)

Winemakers must register a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) with MPI before they start making wine.

Having your WSMP verified

Winemakers must have an approved person or agency visit their wine processing operation to make sure they're following their WSMP.

Labelling and composition

Wine sold in New Zealand must follow the labelling and composition rules in the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) code, and extra requirements in the Wine Act 2003.

Supplying wine grapes and ingredients (commodities)

If you supply grapes or other ingredients (commodities) for winemaking, such as honey, you must make sure they meet food safety standards and pesticide residue limits.

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