A toolbox for tomorrow

Biosecurity 2025's second strategic direction aims to use science and technology to change the way we do biosecurity. Find out more about what we want to achieve.

Harnessing science and technology

Biosecurity 2025's second strategic direction aims to harness science and technology to transform the way we do biosecurity. The direction statement has 3 goals to achieve this.


The best science underpins biosecurity through effective coordination and processes that allow the full value of science to be realised.

Current tools

Continuous improvement ensures we get the very best value from biosecurity tools and technologies.

New tools

Capitalising on innovation and technology, by proactively seeking out and adopting new tools, transforms the way we do things.

Outcomes – the end results

Each goal has outcomes that break down in more detail the end results we're looking for. The outcomes for this strategic direction are on page 15 of the direction statement.

Download the Biosecurity 2025 direction statement [PDF, 5.1 MB]

Targets for 2025 – to drive action

To make sure we achieve the goals of the direction statement, we've set targets for 2025.

  • At least $80 million of public and private investment in science for biosecurity, with at least 50% of investment focused on identified critical biosecurity areas.
  • Halve the cost of managing a significant established pest. This will be achieved through innovative science and new tools and approaches to pest management.

Our other strategic directions

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