Effective leadership & governance

Biosecurity 2025's fourth strategic direction aims to ensure effective leadership and governance. Find out more about what we want to achieve.

Supporting participants

Biosecurity 2025's fourth strategic direction aims to ensure that the biosecurity system has effective leadership and governance to support the different members of the biosecurity system. The direction statement has 3 goals to achieve this.


System leadership supports everyone to contribute effectively within their own parts of the system.

Trust and confidence

Everyone has confidence in the system and its continual improvement.


Transparent and accountable system governance provides system oversight and clarity of purpose, confidence in system performance, and assurance to all system participants that their interests are reflected in decision-making.

Outcomes – the end results

Each goal has outcomes that break down in more detail the end results we're looking for. The outcomes for Strategic Direction 4: Effective leadership and governance are on page 19 of the direction statement.

Download the Biosecurity 2025 direction statement [PDF, 5.1 MB]

Our other strategic directions

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