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We work with regional councils, government agencies and other organisations to manage established pests. Learn more about these partnerships.

Major threats to New Zealand's native species

Introduced pests have caused significant damage to New Zealand. Following the introduction of animals like rats and possums, our native birds, insects and lizards have come under threat. Examples include:

  • possums killing trees by stripping them of leaves and seeds
  • stoats and cats killing our lizards and insects
  • gorse outcompeting native plant species
  • Undaria destroying the habitats of native fish species.

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Our responsibilities

MPI is focused on protecting our native species through pest management. By eradicating and controlling these pests, we're able to reduce risk and reverse some of the damage already done to our environment.

Our work includes:

  • funding pest control programmes
  • providing policy advice to the government
  • working with domestic agencies on pest control practices
  • informing farmers, growers, foresters and fishers.

One of our programmes is Check, Clean, Dry. This programme helps to stop the spread of freshwater pests by encouraging people to check and clean their equipment when going between waterways.

Our partnerships

Controlling and eradicating established pests requires a multi-agency response. By partnering with organisations like the Department of Conservation (DOC), Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and regional councils, we work to eradicate these threats.

Pest and disease register

The pests and diseases register is our database of pests and diseases. However, it's not comprehensive – and some of the included species may not be found in New Zealand.

Pest management national plan of action

This plan was put together as a way of making it easier for the agencies involved in pest management to act in the best interests of New Zealand. It aligns the efforts of different agencies and encourages the development of people, tools and systems.

Download the Pest management national plan of action [PDF, 2.1 MB]

Industry accords

Industry accords help us to better regulate damaging pest plant and animal species. They play an important role as we work with industry and council partners.

National Pest Plant Accord

The National Pest Plant Accord (NPPA) helps prevent the spread of highly damaging pest plants (weeds) in New Zealand. If allowed to spread further, these pest plants could seriously damage the New Zealand economy and environment.

National Pest Pet Biosecurity Accord

Many domestic pets have the potential to become pests. For example, the eastern rosella and rainbow lorikeet are known to attack crops and can compete with our native birds for resources.

We've established the National Pest Pet Biosecurity Accord (NPPBA) to reduce the risks of the domestic trade in pets leading to new pests.

Responding to established pests

We work with a number of agencies to respond to established pests. The National Interest Pests Response and TBfree are 2 of the programmes that we're working on.

Who to contact

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