Spring bulk milk surveillance programme

This spring, all dairy companies are supporting the Mycoplasma bovis response by testing every dairy farm supplying milk. Find out about the programme, the testing, and getting the results.

Why we are testing nationwide

Our aim is to eradicate Mycoplasma bovis from New Zealand. This bulk milk surveillance programme is essential to give us further assurance of previous non-detects. It will help identify any clusters of the disease that have gone undetected so far.

Mycoplasma bovis can hide in an infected cow, not showing up until weeks or months after the animal has contracted the disease. The spring months are the best time to test for Mycoplasma bovis because infected animals are more likely to shed the bacteria after a stressful period, such as calving and the start of lactation.

The testing process

All test samples will be taken as part of the normal milk collection process. Your tanker operator will take the samples. You don't have to do anything extra.

Testing will begin about 4 weeks following the beginning of supply. Samples will be collected every 2 weeks, up to a total of 6 samples over 12 weeks.

If the result is a positive detect, you'll be contacted immediately by MPI with information about next steps.

Once the programme is completed, any farmer with "not-detected" results will get an email from their dairy company confirming the disease has not been found in their samples.

Farmers will get their results in early to mid-December 2018.

Download our information sheet about the spring bulk milk surveillance programme [PDF, 395 KB]

Find out more

If you have more questions about the surveillance programme, contact your local dairy company area manager or visit your dairy company’s website.

If you have questions about Mycoplasma bovis :

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Farmers will get their results in early to mid-December 2018

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