Digital monitoring technology

Use our guidance and list of providers to help you choose your electronic reporting device and software.

Electronic catch and position reporting technology guidance

This web page has guidance and a list of providers and technology solutions to help you choose your electronic reporting device and software. We'll update it as new information becomes available.

Technology solutions

The table below lists electronic catch and/or position reporting products that are either:

  • available at the moment, or
  • being tested and going to be available soon.

Provider/supplier name
and website link

Technology for:





AIS (automatic identification systems)
There is a range of AIS devices on the market which may be suitable for your fishing methods. To find out more talk to your local marine specialist.







Coming soon

027 419 1556

Electronic Navigation Ltd
(also available through Marintec Ltd )



03 548 4987
022 657 9821

Deckhand NZ (by FishServe Innovations New Zealand Ltd)



04 460 9500

Pivotel New Zealand Ltd



04 566 3510

Satlink SL
(available through ATL Commercial Ltd )



+34 913 272 131
09 974 9348

Zebra-Tech Ltd



03 548 0468

How to know a reporting device meets the right standards

It's your responsibility to make sure you have technology that meets the requirements of the regulations. Fisheries New Zealand is not certifying any product as being compliant, however, suppliers are obliged to confirm to you that their device will allow you to meet those requirements and:

  • GPR providers are contractually obliged to have tested the devices they are putting on the market for fishers to ensure that they can report as required.
  • E-logbook providers are field trialling their products to ensure that they provide reports to FishServe that meet the regulatory requirements.

The cost of the equipment

There are setup costs and ongoing costs for both types of reporting. Setup costs include buying the reporting technology:

  • an electronic logbook (e-logbook) for catch reporting, and
  • a geospatial position reporting (GPR) device for position reporting.

A range of technology options is becoming available for each reporting type. Talk with technology providers to determine the best solution for your fishing operation and the costs that will be associated with it.

Registration costs

There is a fee to register your devices with FishServe.

  • $92 to register a GPR device if you complete the application online. ($184 if you make a manual paper application).
  • $34.50 to register an e-logbook.

All prices include GST.

Find out more about fees and levies – FishServe

Ongoing costs, including data transmission

Ongoing costs include the transmission of e-logbook and GPR data. Costs will vary depending on a number of factors, including whether you fish within cellular or satellite range.

If you usually fish over longer time periods, you will incur more ongoing data transmission costs than if you fish irregularly or for shorter time periods. Some technology suppliers may charge a monthly data transmission rate. Others may charge you per transmission.

Talk to technology providers about the expected transmission costs for your fishing method and location. Ask them about options for your type of fishing operation (for example, seasonal, one-day, or multi-day trips).

A GPR alternative will show your fishing locations

An option you may wish to consider for GPR could be the use of the marine Automatic Identification System (AIS), which meets the requirements for a position reporting device.

However, AIS is old technology and was designed as an anti-collision system, which means that the location of your vessel is made publicly available. AIS also has limitations in coverage. Talk with your marine electronics provider to see if AIS could work for you.

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