Overview of food science research

Find out about research carried out under MPI's food science programme.

About project reports

The MPI food safety science programme comprises a broad range of projects that help our understanding of food safety and suitability issues. The projects serve to provide MPI and other stakeholders with information to identify and monitor food safety hazards and effectively manage foodborne risks to human health.

Project types

Find more information about the various science projects, along with links to project reports.

Food composition

Find reports about projects on natural toxins, allergens, contaminants, and nutrients such as sodium, folic acid, iodine, and Vitamin D. Also find information relating to the food residue surveillance programme (FRSP).


Find reports about food labelling and its effectiveness in informing consumers.

Biological hazards

Find reports from research into microbial hazards that are the predominant causes of foodborne illness.

Chemical hazards

Find reports associated with chemical hazards in foods, including project reports relating to mycotoxins in foods.

Production, processing, and handling

Find reports from projects on meat hygiene, the safety of dairy, UCFM, and produce products, domestic food handling, innovative processes and procedures, antimicrobial resistance, and laboratory systems, including the National Typing Database.

Keep up to date

It’s important to keep up with any new or revised food science information, including requirements, consultations, policies, and other content changes.

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