Foodborne virus research

MPI's project reports for foodborne viruses – particularly norovirus and hepatitis A and E – include attribution, baseline food and environmental surveys, methods of detection, and control measures.
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Risk Ranking: Updated estimates of the burden of foodborne disease for New Zealand in 2013
Technical paper
Hepatitis A virus - Microbial pathogen data sheet
Fact sheet
Microbiological survey of pre-packaged leafy salads available at retail in New Zealand
Technical paper
Risk profile - Norovirus in mollusca (Raw) - Science research
Information paper
Enteric viruses other than hepatitis A and Norwalk-like virus
Fact sheet
An outbreak of hepatitis A associated with consumption of raw blueberries
Ministry of Health fact sheet on norovirus
Fact sheet
Methods for virus detection in ready-to-eat (RTE) foods
Technical paper
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