Honey, herbs, and spices


Examples: Raw honey, honey spread
Allowed if: It was made in New Zealand, it is commercially manufactured and packaged, and in its original unopened packaging.
Extra tip: Honey is a high biosecurity risk for New Zealand. It can bring in harmful pests and diseases that can affect our bee populations. If in doubt, do not bring the honey.
Weight limit: 2kg
Declare the item? Yes
Inspection required? Yes


Herbs and spices

Examples: Chilli powder, dried basil, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, green pepper, white pepper, peppercorn, peppermint, seaweed
Allowed if: It does not contain bugs, soil, disease or other plant or animal material, and it is listed here:
All ground spices Goji – dried red berries
All ground, rubbed and chopped herbs Juniper – dried berries
All dried roots Lemon Grass – dried leaves
Ajwain seeds Lotus – dried leaves
Allspice – dried unripe fruit Lovage – dried leaves
Anise – pods / seeds Mace – dried whole
Bay Leaves – dried Marjoram – dried leaves
Basil – dried Mint – dried leaves
Caraway seeds Mustard – seeds
Cardamom, green – pods / seeds Nutmeg – dried seeds, crushed/ground
Other Cardamom – Non-viable or ground pods / seeds Oregano – dried leaves
Chilli – Dried fruit, flaked, shredded Pepper black, white, green – dried fruits
Cloves – Dried flower buds Peppermint – dried leaves
Celery – Dried leaves / seeds Pimento – dried fruit
Chamomile – Dried leaves / flowers Psyllium husk – husks only of plantago seeds
Chicory Seeds Rosemary – dried leaves
Chrysanthemum – Dried leaves / flowers Saffron – dried stamens
Cinnamon sticks | Bark Sage – dried leaves
Coriander seeds Savory – dried leaves
Cumin seeds Seaweed – dried
Curry – dried leaves Spearmint – dried leaves
Dill – seeds, dried leaf tips Star anise – dried pods / seeds
Dukkah – crushed and chopped seeds with seasoning (sealed packets) Tamarind – compressed block of pulp
Fennel seeds Thyme – dried leaves
Fenugreek – seeds, dried leaves Turmeric – dried tubers
Ginger – crystallized, in brine/syrup, dried whole  
Extra tip: Do not bring pink pepper, or wolfberry (black goji).
Weight limit: None
Declare the item? Yes
Inspection required? Yes



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