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OIA14-132 SK MPI investigating Oravida Kauri Limited AM 300914
OIA14-144 SK Information relating to Waipapakauri CT 101114
OIA14-174 SK correspondence relating to Kaimaumau property AM 261114
OIA14-205 SK ITE and communications from NZFE Ltd AM 011214
OIA14-517 SK Tables of exports, milling statements and registered sawmills CT 160615
OIA14-519 SK Table of exports and information about temple poles exports CT 160615
OIA14-544 SK AK706, AK765 andAK657. Table of exports since 2004. MPI, Oravida, NZ Forest Ltd and Kauriworld correspondence CT 230615
OIA15-001 SK Correspondence between Oravida Ltd and MPI NG 18815
OIA15-004 SK Correspondence between Mike Sabin and the Minister for Primary Industries NG 18815
OIA15-005 SK Correspondence between Mike Sabin and the Associate Minister for Primary Industries JG 200715
OIA15-006 SK Reports and Briefings since January 2014 NG 31815
OIA15-010 SK MPI correspondence with Oravida Ltd CT 010715
OIA15-011 SK Interpretation of the export provisions of the Forests Act CT 010715
OIA15-013 SK Export information for AK840 CT 020715
OIA15-017 SK Tables of all exports and milling statements since 2009 CT 020715
OIA15-032 SK Aide-memoire AM15-018 130715 CT 130715