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OIA11-488 SK Export Investigation AM 060712
OIA12-024 SK Copy of ITE process and ITEs for January 2009 - December 2011 AM 220812
OIA12-158 SK Ancientwood Limited timber source GS 191112
OIA12-211 SK Slabs OIA 12-158 GS 211112
OIA13-016 SK Export Stats January 2012 to June 2013 AM 020913
OIA13-370 SK ITE Summary for Northland ITEs from January to December 2013 AM 150414
OIA13-380 SK Monitoring Correspondence AM 230514
OIA13-412 SK Export Volumes since January 2009 AM 230614
OIA13-423 SK Documents relating to Oravida Kauri Limited AM 090714
OIA14-001 SK ITE AK639 AM 120814
OIA14-005 SK ITE AK670 AM 120814
OIA14-007 SK Kai Iwi Lakes Milling Statement AM 290714
OIA14-027 SK Correspondence between Oravida Kauri Limited and MPI AM 120814
OIA14-081 SK Aide Memoirs NG 180815
OIA14-083 SK ITE AK490 and AK484 CT 220914
OIA14-119 SK Milling statements and ITEs related to 573 Kaimanawa Road AM 151014