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A Culture of Care - A Guide for People Working with Animals in RTT
Animal Welfare in New Zealand
Barriers to the adoption of animal welfare standards: shelter on pastoral farms
Best Practice Resources for Lab Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Bobby Calf Welfare Across the Supply Chain Final Report Year One
Fit for transport - guidance for drivers handling calves
How to measure leg-hold traps
Leg-Hold Traps and the Animal Welfare Act 1999
MAF Animal Welfare Profile
OIE Collaborating Centre for Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis
Preventing downer cows when transporting to slaughter – fact sheet
Review of Transition Provisions for the Code of Welfare for Layer Hens
Safeguarding our Animals, Safeguarding our Reputation
Sale yards not a dumping place - Fact Sheet 2
Shelter - maintaining the welfare and productivity of sheep and cattle on drystock farms