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Microbiological safety of reconstituted infant formula: Effect of water quality and storage temperature on risk
Review of High Pressure Processes (HPP) applied as an alternative to thermal pasteurisation
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Chlorinated compounds in chicken meat
Campylobacter spp. enumerated from drips trapped in leak-proof packaged retail poultry - Final report 2008
Review of microbial pathogen inactivation relevant to sous vide cooking at temperatures below 55°C
Validation of the Food (Uncooked Comminuted Fermented Meat) Standard 2008 under commercial conditions
A review of the use of water and natural fertilisers during the growing, harvesting and packing of horticultural produce
Potential dissemination of Campylobacter by farmers' overalls in broiler farms
Handwashing and drying duration — Evidence for Efficacy
Pilot microbiological survey of processed animal feeds
Quantitative Assessment of Microbiological Safety of Raw Milk Cheeses Manufacturing
Assessment of cooling practises applied during harvesting of New Zealand feral venison