Labelling animal feed or fertiliser that may contain ruminant protein

If you make, sell, or distribute animal feed or fertiliser, you must label any products that could contain ruminant protein. Find out what needs to be labelled and how to label correctly.

What feed and fertiliser needs to be labelled

Producers, retailers and distributors must make sure that feed and fertiliser containing (or that could contain) ruminant protein has this wording on the label:

"Notice: Do not feed to sheep, cattle, deer, goats, buffaloes, or other ruminant animals. This product contains or may contain ruminant protein."

What feed doesn't need to be labelled

Packaged pet food for cats and dogs that contains ruminant protein doesn't need the ruminant protein label.

You don't need the label on animal feed without ruminant protein if it is made in a facility:

  • with a ruminant protein control programme (RPCP) using dedicated equipment for ruminant feed (because the feed is unlikely to be contaminated)
  • that doesn't use or store products containing ruminant protein.

How to label feed and fertiliser

Place the label permanently on the:

  • front of a feed or fertiliser package (just below the top)
  • container (not on the top or bottom)
  • invoice, waybill or document if you're selling bulk feed or fertiliser.

Labels must be obvious and easy to read

Labels must be obvious, clear, and last the lifetime of the product.

The label must either:

  • have text at least 20mm high, or
  • occupy at least 2.5% of the total area of the:
    • outside of a flattened package
    • container (excluding the top and bottom), or
    • printed side of an invoice, waybill or document.

Who to contact

If you have questions about labelling feed and fertilisers that contain ruminant protein, email

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