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Adverse events

Ngā āhuatanga kino

How to prepare and what to do in natural disasters and other adverse events such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions. Find out what help is available for rural communities and individuals.

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I tēnei wāhanga

Feed support services

Support is available if you need help sourcing supplementary feed or grazing for your livestock.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) funds Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Federated Farmers, and other specialist providers to offer feed planning and coordination services.

Find out how to access feed support services

Types of adverse events

Adverse events can be:

MPI classifies adverse events on a scale

MPI has 3 classifications for adverse events:

  • localised 
  • medium scale
  • large scale.

This classification helps the Government decide what recovery help can be made available.

Think ahead and be prepared

Planning and preparedness can help people get through events and recover more quickly.  It's up to you and your community to be as ready as you can be.

Rural Support Trusts are here to help

Your local Rural Support Trust is a great source of information and support before, during, and after adverse events.