Funding for tree planting and research

MPI has funding available to plant trees, encourage innovation, and support forestry projects that improve land production or reduce erosion. Find out more about our grants, funding programmes, and partnerships.

One Billion Trees Programme

The Government has developed the One Billion Trees Programme to increase tree planting across New Zealand. The goal is to double the current planting rate to reach one billion trees planted by 2028. 

Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) for Gisborne community projects

Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service (Forestry New Zealand) provides funding through the Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) to community groups to help reduce wide-scale erosion problems in the Gisborne district. This scheme was formerly called the East Coast Forestry Project.

Hill Country Erosion Programme

The Hill Country Erosion Programme is a partnership between the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), regional councils, unitary authorities, and landowners that sets plans for and treats erosion-prone land.

Funding for forestry research

You can apply for funding to research and innovate in forestry through the One Billion Trees Programme, Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures (SFF Futures), and the Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) Research Programme.

Previous funding programmes that have closed

Some funding programmes are no longer open for applications. They include the Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) land treatment grants, the Afforestation Grant Scheme (AGS), the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative (PFSI) and the Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF). Find out what to do if you have an active grant or are a member of one of these schemes.


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