Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures

SFF Futures supports problem-solving and innovation in New Zealand’s food and fibre sectors by co-investing in initiatives that make a positive and lasting difference. From small grassroots community projects to large-scale industry development, we want to hear your ideas.



COVID-19 and the drought in many regions are causing challenges. Our SFF Futures team is working and still processing funding applications.

Contact us if you have initiatives that gear up our food and fibre industries for the future.


A member of our team will reply to you.

Video – Make it happen (2.14)

Learn how SFF Futures can help bring your ideas to life.

Primary Growth Partnership and Sustainable Farming Fund

SFF Futures replaces the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) and the Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF). These are now closed for applications. MPI will continue to support current projects and programmes until their completion.

Primary Growth Partnership

Current PGP programmes

Completed PGP programmes

Sustainable Farming Fund projects

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