New Zealand forests and the forest industry

Nearly 40% of land in New Zealand is covered in forest. Find out about those forests, and the industry based around them.

About New Zealand's forests

Forests are lush habitats full of trees, shrubs, and all kinds of animals. New Zealand has over 10 million hectares of forests, both native and exotic. Find out which trees make up New Zealand's forests, and where they are in the country.

Importance of New Zealand's forests

The importance of forests to New Zealand goes well beyond commercial timber production. Our forests have spiritual, social, cultural, environmental and economic value.

Protecting New Zealand's forests

We need to look after our forests in a way that meets our current and future needs, and we need to manage the many biosecurity and climate-related threats to our forests.

New Zealand's forest industry

New Zealand’s forest industry makes a substantial contribution to our economy.

New Zealand forestry data

Check out some facts and figures about New Zealand’s forestry industry.

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