Pet food and animal feed industry representative organisations

These organisations represent New Zealand's pet food, rendering, and inedibles animal product industry.

New Zealand Petfood Industry Standards Council (PFISC)

PFISC's purpose is to promote communication between MPI and industry, give advice to MPI, help develop and maintain standards, and provide guidance. This is a joint MPI and NZPFMA group.

New Zealand Petfood Manufacturers Association (NZPFMA)

The NZPFMA is an industry association comprised of pet food manufacturers and companies that supply materials or services to pet food manufacturers. It works across a range of industry-related objectives.

New Zealand Renderers Group

The New Zealand Renderers Group is a semi-autonomous committee of the Meat Industry Association of New Zealand Inc (MIA). Membership consists of all members of the MIA, along with independent processor or exporter renderers (active members) and associate members.

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