Selling pet food, animal feed, and supplements

Pet food, animal feed, and supplements are classed as oral nutritional compounds (ONCs). Find out the requirements for selling ONCs in New Zealand.

Meet ONC requirements

When you sell animal feed (including pet food) and dietary supplements in New Zealand, you must meet the requirements for oral nutritional compounds (ONCs). These are set out in the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) (Exemptions and Prohibited Substances) Regulations 2011.

ACVM (Exemptions and Prohibited Substances) Regulations 2011

Before you can legally sell ONCs, you must make sure:

  • they are fit for purpose (Regulation 7)
  • specified information is on the label of your product (Regulation 12)
  • you don't make misleading statements about it, particularly therapeutic claims (Regulation 13)
  • you meet the specific requirements for ONCs (Schedule 2, Part B, entry 22).

If you're selling a product manufactured by someone else and you alter it or its labelling, you are classed as a manufacturer and must meet manufacturing requirements.

Read about manufacturing requirements for pet food and dietary supplements


If you're promoting or advertising a product, you must comply with Regulation 13 and the conditions of exemption. For advertising, this means you can't make therapeutic or pharmacological claims, such as "this product treats arthritis".

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