Shellfish movement control permit application

A Controlled Area Notice restricts the movement of some shellfish species, and marine farm equipment and craft, into and out of parts of the South Island, the Chatham Islands, and Stewart Island. Apply for a permit to move shellfish or marine farm equipment and craft.

About the Controlled Area Notice

A Controlled Area Notice is in place that legally restricts the movements of some shellfish species, including their spat, out of the Contained Zone (Nelson and Marlborough) and into the Protected Zone covering Southland, Otago, and the Chatham Islands.

The notice also restricts the movement of some shellfish species, and marine farm equipment and craft, into and out of Stewart Island.

The measures were introduced to help contain Bonamia ostreae – a protozoan parasite detected in samples of flat oysters in the upper South Island in January 2015 and on Stewart Island in May 2017.

Controlled Area Notice [PDF, 4.5 MB]

You may need a permit

If you're moving restricted shellfish stock, or marine farm equipment and craft, into or out of zones covered by the Controlled Area Notice, you may need a permit.

Apply for a permit

You can apply for a permit online below. You should receive a response within 2 working days. Permits may take up to 10 working days to issue. Take this timeframe into consideration when applying for your permits.

If you don't apply online, you can download an application form and email it to

Application form [DOC, 152 KB]

Online permit application

Movement Details
Detail of Shellfish stock
2. What species are you transferring?
6. Have you observed significant mortality or abnormally high numbers of unhealthy shellfish?
8. For live shellfish transfers, is a freshwater pressure wash available for any in-contact harvest and/or transport equipment used in the transfer of these shellfish?
Detail of marine farm equipment/craft

10. For movements of marine farm equipment and craft into or out of the Stewart Island Zone provide details of the actions you will take to reduce the biosecurity risk. For craft movement provides details of hull maintenance and ballast management with supporting evidence. Note craft should have a clean hull and no macrofouling prior to movement into or out of Stewart Island. 

Locations of transfer
11. Where are you transferring from?
15. Where are you transferring to?
Transport details and date of transfer
22. Has the stock or marine farm equipment/craft been inside the Contained Zone (Nelson, Marlborough) at any stage?
24. Will the receiving site be the final destination?
25. Is this a repeated transfer?
Applicant contact details
30. How would you prefer to be contacted?
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