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Last updated:1 February 2024.


Premises name



DFNZ1 Dry Food NZ Limited 12 Ngati Kuia Drive, Havelock Fish roe
FPH3 Sanford Limited North Mole, Hall Street, Timaru Fish roe
FPH52 Sanford Limited 11 Madden Street, Auckland Fish roe
KAREAREA1 Karearea Karearea, Auckland Fish roe
L15874 Albatross II Albatross II, Timaru Fish roe
L15950 Drysdale Drysdale, Timaru Fish roe
L44453 Venture K Venture K, Timaru Fish roe
L62373 Amaltal Apollo Amaltal Apollo, Nelson Fish roe
L62713 Aleksey Slobodchikov Aleksey Slobodchikov, Nelson Fish roe
L62858 Meridian 1 Meridian 1, Nelson Fish roe
L62914 Mainstream Mainstream, Christchurch Fish roe
L63320 San Tongariro San Tongariro, Timaru Fish roe
L63348 Pacinui Pacinui, Timaru Fish roe
L90051 Dong Won 519 Dong Won 519, Timaru Fish roe
L90054 Ocean Pioneer Ocean Pioneer, Nelson Fish roe
L900622 Fortunui Fortunui, Timaru Fish roe
L900740 Dong Won 530 Dong Won 530, Timaru Fish roe
L901187 Irvinga Irvinga, Christchurch Fish roe
L901316 Independent Independent, Christchurch Fish roe
L901363 Te Raukura Te Raukura, Nelson Fish roe
MCAS01 Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Limited 80 Sheffield Street, Washdyke, Timaru Fish roe
OD64 Ocean Dawn Ocean Dawn, Nelson Fish roe
PD429 Aukaha Aukaha, Nelson Fish roe
PH1 Talley's Group Limited Ward Street, Port Motueka, Motueka Fish roe
PH12 Sealord Group Limited 149 Vickerman Street, Nelson Fish roe
PH46 Amaltal Explorer Amaltal Explorer, Nelson Fish roe
PH103 Talley's Group Limited 1 Palmerston Street, Westport Fish roe
PH120 Talley's Group Limited 7 Hall Street, Timaru Fish roe
PH129 Aotearoa Fisheries Limited 1-3 Bell Avenue, Westfield, Auckland Fish roe
PH143 Westfleet Seafoods Limited 84 Gresson Street, Greymouth Fish roe
PH148 Sanford Limited 260 Foreshore Road, Bluff Fish roe
PH157 The New Zealand King Salmon Co. Limited 10-18 Bullen Street, Tahunanui, Nelson Fish roe
PH222 San Granit San Granit, Timaru Fish roe
PH384 Amaltal Columbia Amaltal Columbia, Nelson Fish roe
PH464 San Discovery Hall Street, North Mole, Timaru Fish roe
PH472 Rehua Rehua, Nelson Fish roe
PH475 Amaltal Atlantis Amaltal Atlantis, Nelson Fish roe
PH502 Pelco NZ Limited 32 Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui Fish roe
PH503 San Aotea II San Aotea II, Timaru Fish roe
PH506 Janas Janas, Nelson Fish roe
PH512 San Enterprise Hall Street, North Mole, Timaru Fish roe
PH513 San Waitaki North Mole, Timaru Fish roe
PH587 United Fisheries Limited 50-58 Parkhouse Road, Sockburn, Christchurch 8042 Fish roe
PH622 Amaltal Enterprise Amaltal Enterprise, Nelson Fish roe
PH888 San Aspiring San Aspiring, Timaru Fish roe
TH62816 Thomas Harrison Thomas Harrison, Nelson Fish roe
TK829 Tokatu Tokatu, Nelson Fish roe
WFC8462516 Sea Hawke II Sea Hawke II, Blenheim Fish roe
WFC8462517 Pacific Challenger Pacific Challenger, Blenheim Fish roe