• What will you do?

    Select all the options that apply to you.

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    Make, cook or serve food or drink to be eaten straight away.

    Food businesses that may fall in this group include cafes, restaurants, bars or taverns, takeaway shops, food trucks, coffee carts, caterers, hospitals, rest homes, prisons, service stations, your home, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast premises, clubs, societies, or fishing boats.
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    Make, cook, pack or sell food or drink to be eaten later.

    Food businesses that may fall in this group include dairies, supermarkets, butchers, abattoirs, bakers, fishmongers, factories, your home or an online store, farms, wineries or breweries.
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    Transport food as the main part of your business, distribute, or store food or drink (including importers and exporters).
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    Make food at a school, early childhood centre or kohanga reo.
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    Grow/pack/gather fruit or vegetables, including sprouts, microgreens, fresh herbs, seeds, nuts, grains, or fungi.

    Examples of products are hemp seeds, walnuts, wheat, barley, rice, or mushrooms.
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    Farm, raise, catch, or hunt animals (includes home-kill service provider).

    Examples of animals are cattle, sheep, goats, deer, birds, fish, bees or insects.
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