Food Safety Academy

The Food Safety Academy has resources for verifiers, evaluators, registration authorities, and food safety officers working under the Food Act. Learn about the Academy and how to access it.

What is the Food Safety Academy?

The Food Safety Academy is a set of resources for regulators of food and beverage businesses. It provides development, collaboration, and networking opportunities.

The academy has tools, resources, and support for people who are already working as or managing:

  • verifiers and evaluators of food and beverage businesses
  • food safety officers
  • registration authority staff.

How to access the academy

You can access the academy through Tiritiri – MPI's online learning management system.

Log in to the Food Safety Academy

If you are already a verifier or work for a registration authority, complete the online form to get access to the academy. You'll get an email within 2 business days with further instructions to complete your registration.

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