Titiro: Food Act verification and enforcement recording

Find out about Titiro, MPI's online verification and enforcement outcome recording system. Register as a user, download guides, and read the terms and conditions of use.

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Before you can use Titiro, you must be set up as a user. Complete the application form to get access to the system.

Download the Titiro application form [PDF, 509 KB]

Part of the application asks you to confirm you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions.

You'll also need a RealMe account

You may already have a RealMe account for another online government service. If so, you can use the same account for Titiro. If you don't have a RealMe account, you'll have to get one.

User guides

Titiro – Verification Monitoring Transferring Verification Data to MPI [PDF, 1 MB]
Titiro – Enforcement Monitoring, Transferring Enforcement Data to MPI [PDF, 1 MB]
Titiro user guide [PDF, 401 KB]
Bulk upload guide [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Titiro user guide – verifications [PDF, 850 KB]
Titiro user guide – reporting [PDF, 2.2 MB]

About Titiro

Titiro is an application launched in July 2018 that allows users to:

  • record verification results
  • record enforcement outcomes.

It is designed for use by verifiers, food safety officers, registration authorities, and administrative staff. Titiro has been integrated with MAPS, MPI's registration system for food businesses. This means that anyone using it will have easy access to registration data as part of their verification or enforcement activities.

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