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Advice and support for people wanting to start, grow, change, or manage a new food business.

Fact sheets for new food businesses

If you're thinking of making or selling food, these fact sheets will help you understand the requirements.

Also refer to our web page

More detailed guidance for food businesses

The notebook is a detailed, step-by-step guide for new food businesses. It includes information on:

  • where to find out which food rules apply to a type of business
  • creating a food control plan or national programme
  • finding a verifier.

The notebook – for businesses making and selling food [PDF, 916 KB]

Video: Steps to starting a food business (1:06)

Importing and exporting food

Thinking of starting to import food as a business? [PDF, 280 KB]

Sending food overseas as a business [PDF, 284 KB]

Sending food overseas as a business (Hindi and Chinese)

Hindi translation about sending food overseas as a businessi [PDF, 385 KB]

Simplified Chinese translation about sending food overseas as a business [PDF, 256 KB]

Changing, closing, or selling a food business

If you want to change or grow your business, our flow chart can help you decide what to do.

Change or grow your business [PDF, 177 KB]

People planning to make changes to their business need to inform their registration authority. This will either be New Zealand Food Safety or their local council.

List of local councils - Local Councils NZ

If you're using a custom food control plan (including a My Food Plan), refer to:

Change your custom FCP

If you want to close or sell your business, check our fact sheet.

Closing or selling your business [PDF, 176 KB]

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